We invite you to experience the benefits of Pilates at the Pilates Connection!

Pilates incorporates the benefits of weight training, aerobics, yoga, Tai Chi and meditation into a combination workout experience that is the choice of many professional athletes, dancers and actors.

Pilates Connection is a complete Pilates studio offering group, private and semi-private classes.

Our inviting studio accommodates group mat classes, four reformers, two chairs, Cadillac, ladder barrel, spine corrector, arc barrels and various assisting pieces of equipment to build and maintain your core muscles.

We invite you to visit our studio and see for yourself how Pilates can benefit you!

Reduce Stress
Improve Muscle Tone
Energize Body
Improve Circulation
Improve Coordination
Flatten Stomach
Increase Flexibility
Reduce Pain & Stiffness
Improve Strength

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The Wellness Wing - 2nd Floor
2100 Tremont Center
Upper Arlington, OH 43221
Phone: 614.476.5308